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New Hatley raincoats and boots now in, plus adorable Hatley baby onsies, tees for boys and outfits for girls. Plus still Hatley bargains to be had in our huge sale!

Le Loup most loved...

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Hatley Raincoat - Hot Air Balloons

 Inspired by the groves of ripe, aromatic grapefruit trees that grow wit... click for more information

Le Pamplemousse 50ml EDP - Miller Harris

This is Le Loup's 'scent of summer'0Themed around Lyn Harris's love of t... click for more information

Le Petit Grain Perfume EDP - Miller Harris

Inspired by the bitter, ripe green figs of Ibiza, a curious contrast of ... click for more information

Figue Amere 50ml EDP - Miller Harris

Fabulous 100% cotton wrap in havana hummingbird design by Disaster Desig... click for more information

Havana Wrap - Disaster Designs

A gorgeous grey scarf with quirky printed pugs and red flowers. A perfec... click for more information

Ditsy Pug Scarf - Disaster Designs